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A pre-IETF India Forum.​ 

November 8-9, 2017

Bangalore, India

Past Proceedings

Technology Tracks

  • Discuss the interests and issues important to the network deployment, operation and design of networks in India as they impact IETF standards.

  • Educate and prepare new members for IETF involvement. Facilitate member involvement in IETF areas.   

  • Provide information, guidance and direction to assist Indian community in involvement in the IETF.


Invited speakers with long contributions to IETF. 


Hackathons encourage developers to collaborate and develop utilities, ideas, running code and solutions that show practical implementations of IETF standards. Hackathon will be held on 9th November.


The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to devices, that are often constrained in communication and computation capabilities, now becoming more commonly connected to the Internet, and various services that are built on top of the capabilities these devices jointly provide. 


Security is key in today's Internet. The Security Area is the home for working groups focused on security protocols. They provide one or more of the security services: integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, confidentiality, and access control.


Software-Defined Networking (SDN) refers to a new approach for network programmability, that is, the capacity to initialize, control, change, and manage network behavior dynamically via open interfaces. 


Protocols and Architectures to support Internet applications such as DNS, HTTP, Websockets etc.

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