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Hackathons encourage developers to collaborate and develop utilities, ideas, running code and solutions that show practical implementations of IETF standards. This is also an excellent mechanism to participate in IETF by bringing in the implementation experience and providing useful comments to, in-progress standards.

Goals -

  • Advance pace and relevance of IETF standard activities from India by bringing in the Indian ICT & developers to collaborate on implementing above cited technologies.

  • Provide Hackathon as an entry point for developers and engineers to join IETF activities by initially providing implementation experience, later collaborating on standards, take part in IETF Hackathon activities.

  • Educate new developers and expose them to  new standards in IETF

  • Bring interoperability concerns and newer features (possibly from an Indian and/or Industry/ISP context)

Note: This is not the IETF hackathon, but a similar program run by IIESoc in India as a key part of the Connections event. 

Past Proceedings

On 9th November!

Registered technologies so far  - 

  • Network Telemetry & Analytics 

  • Intent based Service Function Chaining (SFC)

  • Realistic Simulation of large scale wireless networks for IoT

  • SmartCampus- water management system using IoT

Interested live demonstrations will also be shown during the event! 

On Nov 9th 2017, Thursday

Infosys Campus, Electronic City, Bangalore, India

Starts at 8 AM till 4:30 PM

List of Projects in GitHub. 
All participants to keep this updated.

Requirements for Hackathon Participants -

  • Bring a laptop on which you are comfortable developing software

  • Some projects may require installing additional software

  • Familiarity with the technology area(s) in which you plan to participate will certainly help

  • Your laptop is the default development platform for each technology

  • Anything else that is required will be provided, such as VMs you can install on our laptop or access from your laptop

  • Installing and becoming familiar with VirtualBox or something similar will help

  • Note to champions: if planning to make use of VMs, please bring on USB drives to make available to others as download times can be painful

  • Specific coding languages are called out for some of projects (e.g. Python, Java), but this is heavily dependent on the project(s)

  • Git/GitHub is commonly used for open source projects. Familiarizing yourself with it is recommended.

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