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Speakers & Panelists.


Dr. Bas Westerbaan

Dr Bas Westerbaan, research engineer, works to drive the adoption of post-quantum cryptography at Cloudflare and the Internet at large. His works range from cryptographic implementation, real-world large-scale experimentation/deployment, to contributing to standards.


Tommy Pauly

Tommy Pauly is an engineer at Apple. There, he works on the networking stack for Apple’s client operating systems, focusing on areas including secure transport protocols and APIs, VPNs, IPv6, and DNS. He currently co-chairs the HTTP and IPPM Working Groups, and is a member of the IAB.


Tirumaleswar Reddy

Tirumaleswar Reddy leads the Network Security and Privacy Standards team at Nokia, with 23 years of experience in designing, developing, and administering cutting-edge networking solutions. He has expertise in Networking, IoT/Endpoint security, architecting, and developing Network security products and solutions.

He chairs TEEP WG at IETF and is a member of the “Security Area” review team at IETF. He has co-authored 30 RFCs and he is an active contributor in several WGs. He has 65 patents approved and 55 patents filed in the USPTO. His recent work and interests include PQC, Cloud Security, Encrypted DNS, Privacy, Network/IoT Security and DDoS Mitigation.


Michael Ackermann

Michael Ackermann is the lead Network Engineer of the System Management and Monitoring Team, at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

He is responsible for all aspects of planning, engineering, deployment and administration for all enterprise wide Management, Monitoring and Diagnostic activities.

Mike also serves as a chief architect for all Plan related IT issues. He has been a member of the BluesNet and Network Advisory Group committees since their inception and has served as committee and subcommittee chair on numerous occasions. Mike has also been a member of several advisory boards and is currently active in the IETF.


Simone Basso

Simone currently works at OONI (, a free software project that measures internet censorship worldwide. He currently maintains the network measurement engine and leads network measurement research.


Pierre Francois

Pierre Francois is an associate professor at the CITI Lab of INSA Lyon. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Ecole polytechnique de Louvain, Belgium. His research has been funded by Router Vendors and Network operators since 2004, leading to numerous scientific and IETF contributions in Routing and Network management.


Amrita Choudhury

Amrita Choudhury is an active participant in national and global digital policy and internet governance discussions. She serves as the Director of CCAOI, Chair Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA), Chair, Asia Pacific Regional At Large Structure (APRALO) at ICANN, Chair Asia Pacific Regional IGF (AprIGF), President of Internet Society India Delhi Chapter. Amrita has co-founded the India School on Internet Governance (inSIG) and is a Coordination Committee member of  the  IndiaIGF (IIGF). She advises youth initiatives such as Youth IGF India. She has in the past served as a UN IGF MAG Member.

Thomas Graf2.jpg

Thomas Graf

Thomas Graf is a distinguished network engineer and network analytics architect at Swisscom. Stuck with service providers since 1997. Rediscovered networks in 2015 with Network Analytics. The backseat driver of the Swisscom Daisy team with network, software and data engineering enthusiasts recently expressed to feel like belonging to a startup. Authoring next generation data-collection protocols in GROW, OPSAWG and NETCONF working groups at IETF.


Dinesh G Dutt

Dinesh G Dutt is a well-known industry expert and author of three very popular and well-regarded books on data center networks, all published by O’Reilly. He has spent 20 years in the networking industry, first working for Cisco Systems where he started as a software engineer and finished as a Cisco Fellow. His next stint–we’ll leave a more famous 2-week detour out of the discussion–was as the Chief Scientist at Cumulus Networks, the company that started the network disaggregation revolution. He’s passionate about networks and open source. At Cisco, he was one of the key architects behind many of Cisco’s mega switches such as Catalyst 6500, MDS Storage Switches, and the Nexus 7000 and 5000 family of switches. He is the coinventor of VXLAN and TRILL and has more than 40 patents to his name. He's currently the CEO and Founder of Stardust Systems Inc., and the inventor of SuzieQ, the first comprehensive open-source multi-vendor network observability application.


Linjian (Davey) Song

Linjian (Davey) Song works for Alibaba Cloud holding the positions of Senior Technical Architect and Manager of the IPv6 Project within Alibaba Group. With extensive expertise in the technical, policy, and commercial realms of DNS, IPv6, and networking, Davey brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. Beyond his professional responsibilities, he actively contributes to the broader community through his involvement as the CTO of the IPv6 Forum's China office, a member of the ICANN RSSAC Caucus, and a coordinator of the Yeti DNS project. 


Paolo Lucente

I'm currently part of the Network Tools team at GIN, the Global IP Network of NTT Ltd., working in the areas of network telemetry data analysis and collection. I'm also the author of the free, open-source software package pmacct. Along with years of experience in the network operators arena, i bring an interest in the economics of traffic exchange in the public internet and i'm a contributor in standards and community forums. Previously, i've covered senior engineering and development positions at some large national and international service providers across Europe and the regional research network in my home land in south Italy - Puglia

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