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Kolkata - where past embraces the future

  • Largest  of Eastern India - 3rd largest in India
  • Capital of West Bengal
  • Known as 'City of Joy'
  • Cultural Capital of India
  • Erstwhile Capital of British Empire in India
  • Past bastion of India's struggle for Independence 
  • Famous River port of India
  • India's Football Mecca 
  • Home of Indian Renaissance
  • Home of St. Mother Teresa
  • Home of India 1st Nobel Laureate - Rabindranath Tagore
  • Home of 5 Nobel prize winners
  • Home of S. N. Bose - father of "Boson" particles
  • Home of J. C. Bose - father of radio wave propagation
  • Home of Swami Vivekananda - India's first religious ambassador to the west
  • Home of Asia's largest football and cricket stadiums
  • Home of first ever U17 FIFA world cup final in India
  • Home of India's leading technology institutes
  • Home of large share of India's intellectual base
  • Home of some of the world's oldest football club 
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