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Speakers & Panelists.


Dr. Paul Vixie

CEO, Farsight Security, Inc

Dr. Paul Vixie is an Internet pioneer. Currently, he is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of award-winning Farsight Security, Inc. He was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2014 for work related to DNS. Dr. Vixie is a prolific author of open source Internet software including BIND, and of many Internet standards documents concerning DNS and DNSSEC. In addition, he founded the first anti-spam company (MAPS, 1996), the first non-profit Internet infrastructure software company (ISC, 1994), and the first neutral and commercial Internet exchange (PAIX, 1991).

Dr. Vixie served on the ARIN Board of Trustees from 2005 to 2013, as ARIN Chairman in 2008 and 2009, and was a founding member of ICANN Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) and ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC). He operated the ISC's F-Root name server for many years, and is a member of Cogent's C-Root team. Dr. Vixie is a sysadmin for Op-Sec-Trust. He earned his Ph.D. from Keio University for work related to DNS and DNSSEC in 2010. Dr. Vixie is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and has spoken at conferences around the world.

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Deepak Maheshwari

Senior Visiting Fellow at ICRIER and Distinguished Fellow at CUTS

Deepak Maheshwari is a public policy consultant with a keen interest in the interplay of technological innovation and socio-economic development. A thought leader, a prolific author and an oft-invited speaker, he has served as the global chair of IEEE Internet Initiative and as the secretary of ISP Association of India. He co-founded the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) and the ITU-APT Foundation of India. A graduate in engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, he is also a law graduate and has led public policy at Microsoft, MasterCard, Symantec and Sify for over two decades with responsibilities spanning India, ASEAN and China.


Cathy Aronson

Chair, INTC

Cathy began her networking career in 1988 at Merit Network as an engineer on the NSFNet and a regional network called CICNet. She was later responsible for routing and addressing at @Home Network, a startup that provided Internet over the cable TV network. She helped develop innovative network management tools at Packet Design and was VP of Architecture at NetVMG.

Cathy served on the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) Advisory Council from June 1998-December 2016. Cathy continues to participate in ARIN and is the ARIN IETF Reporter. In the IETF reporter role, Cathy tries to make sure that the ARIN community knows about what is going on at the IETF especially things that would affect the RIR system or Internet Number policy.

Cathy is co-founder of net-grrls, a group that supports women in the Internet industry by creating space for women to gather at Industry events and online to discuss and exchange ideas. She is also active in the IETF Systers, a similar gathering of women participants at the IETF.

Cathy is also on the board of Honoring Our Veterans, a non-profit organization, and works with combat wounded veterans. 


Cathy is currently serving as the chair of the board of INTC.


Michael S. Ackermann 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Michael Ackermann is the lead Network Engineer of the System Management and Monitoring Team, at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

He is responsible for all aspects of planning, engineering, deployment and administration for all enterprise wide Management, Monitoring and Diagnostic activities.

Mike also serves as a chief architect for all Plan related IT issues. He has been a member of the BluesNet and Network Advisory Group committees since their inception and has served as committee and subcommittee chair on numerous occasions. Mike has also been a member of several advisory boards and is currently active in the IETF.​


Jen Linkova

Network Engineer, Google

Jen is a Network Engineer at Google, Australia. She has been with Google for 11+ years, working on different parts of Google network infrastructure.  Before Google, she worked for Cisco, Russia. Jen's been an IPv6 advocate for a very long time. She is co-chairing IPv6 Working Group at RIPE, and is an active member of IETF community.


Jim Guichard

Distinguished Engineer, Futurewei

Jim Guichard, a Distinguished Engineer and Technical Vice President for IP protocol innovation and standardization at Futurewei, is an experienced network protocol architect with 25+ years of industry experience and is widely respected for this extensive technical expertise in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), IP routing, L3VPN’s, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Segment Routing, and Service Chaining. He is the inventor of 150+ US & international patents, author of several books including “MPLS & VPN Architectures, volumes I & II” and “Definitive MPLS Network Designs” and has been a Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (#2069) since early 1996. 
Jim has previously held senior technical roles at IBM, Cisco, and Juniper Networks before joining Futurewei.


Jeff Tantsura

Head of Networking Strategy, Apstra

Jeff Tantsura has been in the networking space for 25+ years and has authored/contributed to many RFCs and patents, worked in both, SP and vendor environments. He is co-chair of IETF Routing Working Group, chartered to work on New Network Architectures and Technologies, including protocol independent YANG models and Next Gen Routing Protocols as well as co-chair of RIFT (Routing in Fat Trees) Working Group chartered to work on the new routing protocol that specifically addresses Fat Tree topologies typically seen in the Data Center environment. Jeff serves the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). His focus has been on 5G transport and integration with RAN, IoT, MEC, Low Latency networking and Data modeling. He’s also a board member of SF Bay Area ISOC Chapter. Jeff is Head of Networking Strategy at Apstra, company championed Intent Based Networking, defining company’s networking strategy and technologies.


Dr K K Ramakrishnan

University of California

Dr. K. K. Ramakrishnan is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Riverside. Previously, he was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Labs-Research. Prior to 1994, he was a Technical Director and Consulting Engineer in Networking at Digital Equipment Corporation. Between 2000 and 2002, he was at TeraOptic Networks, Inc., as Founder and Vice President.

K. K. is an ACM Fellow, an IEEE Fellow and an AT&T Fellow, recognized for his fundamental contributions on communication networks, including his work on congestion control, traffic management and VPN services. He has published nearly 300 papers and has 183 patents issued in his name. K. K. received his MTech from the Indian Institute of Science (1978), and MS (1981) & Ph.D. (1983) in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA.


Anil Jain


Mr. Anil Kumar Jain is the CEO of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI).

He has almost four decades of experience in the technology sector, as an  Indian Telecommunications Service (ITS) officer having worked in senior roles across Department of Telecommunications, BSNL and MTNL for more than 35 years.

He graduated in engineering and a post graduate in management.


Dr Dheeraj Sanghi

Punjab Engineering College & IIT Kanpur

Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur, currently on leave and working as Director, Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh. Prior to this, he has held important roles in several institutions including Director of LN Mittal Institute of IT, Jaipur, Dean of External Relations at IIIT Delhi, and Dean of Academic Affairs at IIT Kanpur. He has given seminars about IPv6 in more than 100 organizations. His group at IITK implemented IPv6 in Linux way back in 1996. He writes a popular blog on higher education issues in India.


Sridhar Bhaskaran


Sridhar Bhaskaran, is involved in the wireless and telecommunications industry for 18 years. He has played various roles – as a developer, software architect, system architect, standards and industry relations and product management. He was an active contributor to 3GPP standards between 2013 and 2019 and has been involved with various 3GPP work groups like SA2, CT4, CT3, CT1 and RAN3. He is also currently involved with O-RAN Alliance work groups WG5 and WG4. He was the rapporteur of some of the key 5G service based architecture stage 3 specifications – TS 29.500 and TS 29.573. He is currently working as a Senior Product Manager at Altiostar Networks, Bangalore. In his current role he has been actively involved with customers in discussing deployment aspects of Open RAN architectures. He is also the co-author of draft-clt-dmm-tn-aware-mobility and has been acknowdged for actively reviewing IETF RFC 7389 and draft-ietf-dmm-srv6-mobile-uplane-09. Prior to joining Altiostar he has worked with Cisco Systems and Huawei Technologies as a 3GPP delegate.  He holds a Bachelors in Engineering in Computer Science Engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology. autonomous institute.

Srihari Sangli.jpg

Srihari Sangli

Distinguished Engineer, Juniper Networks

Srihari Sangli is a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks. With over 25 years of industry experience, he is currently driving Segment Routing, Traffic Engineering and Network Slicing solutions for Juniper. Prior to Juniper, he worked for Cisco in different roles and responsible for shaping many routing products, drove key innovations across BGP, Routing, BNG, Optical technology, etc. He was instrumental in delivering the industry’s first L3VPN implementation on Cisco IOS during 90s. He is author of many RFCs & patents and is a co-author of “Practical BGP” book.


Prof. Henning Schulzrinne

Professor, Columbia University

Prof. Henning Schulzrinne, Levi Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University, received his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts. MTS at AT&T Bell Laboratories; associate department head at GMD-Fokus (Berlin), before joining the Computer Science and EE departments at Columbia University. He served as chair of Computer Science from 2004 to 2009 and as Engineering Fellow, Technical Advisor and Chief Technology Officer of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from 2010 until 2017.

Protocol standards co-developed by him, including RTP, RTSP and SIP, are now used by almost all Internet telephony and multimedia applications. Fellow of the ACM and IEEE.


Naganand Doraswamy

VC, Ideaspring Capital

Naganand is a serial entrepreneur turned investor. After exiting his most recent start-up, he founded Ideaspring Capital to fund and actively support product innovation start-ups. He enjoys working with entrepreneurs who have the vision and passion to build products for the global markets. Naganand is very well networked and respected in the start-up ecosystem and he actively participates in various organizations focusing on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Nalini Elkins

CEO, Inside Products

Nalini Elkins is the President of the Industry Network Technology Council.  ​​

She is also the CEO and Founder of Inside Products, Inc.  Nalini is a recognized leader in the field of computer performance measurement and analysis. In addition to being an experienced software product designer, developer, and planner, she is a formidable businesswoman. She has been the founder or co-founder of three start-ups in the high-tech arena.

Nalini started her career doing network design and monitoring for the Chevron network.  She specializes in network performance analysis, measurement, monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting of large enterprise networks.  One of her specialties is training and network design for IPv6 migration for large enterprises.  Many of the Fortune 1000 level companies as well as the large US government organizations have taken her classes on various networking topics.

She has developed network monitoring and diagnostic products which were later marketed by IBM and other software companies.   She received the A.A. Michelson award from the Computer Measurement Group for her contributions to the field.   Nalini is on the Advisory Board of the India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc).


Suresh Krishnan

CTO, Kaloom

Suresh Krishnan works as the Chief Technology Officer at Kaloom where his main areas of work are in data center networking, software defined networks, 5G and M2M. He has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Madras in India and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University in Canada. He served as IETF Internet Area Director from 2016-2020 and was the responsible AD for the IPv6 related working groups including 6man, 6lo, 6tisch, lpwan and ipwave. He has chaired the dna, intarea, and the sofwire working groups in the IETF, the mobopts research group in the IRTF and has authored more than 35 RFCs across multiple IETF areas. He is a holder of more than 40 US and International patents on several areas related to IP, wireless, and mobility.


Fred Baker


Fred Baker has worked in the software engineering of computer networks since 1978, including Internet technology starting in 1986. He has chaired several IETF working groups on various topics; since 2005, he has chaired or co-chaired the IPv6 Operations working group. In addition, he chaired the IETF 1996-2001, and served on the Internet Architecture Board 1996-2002.

He has also been a member of the board of the Internet Software Consortium, which runs one of the DNS root services, since 2008, and represents them in ICANN’s Root Server System Advisory Committee – which he has also chaired 2018-present.

He is currently also the chair and primary editor in ITU Focus Group on Quantum Technology in Networking, in the sub-group related to the Implications of Quantum IT on Networks.

He represented Cisco in BITAG, writing or contributing to many documents intended to inform the FCC on Internet technology 2013-2016.

Additionally, he has written or edited 61 RFCs since 1989.


Michael Richardson

Sandelman Software Works

Michael Richardson is an open source and open standards consultant.

An autodidact, he wrote mail transfer agents as a teenager, and in the 1990s, after failing at high energy physics, found his calling designing and building embedded networking products, in the security sector.  Michael has built multiple IPsec systems, joining the FreeS/WAN team in 2001, and founding in 2003.  He has operated many networks, worked on DNSSEC and root name servers, and built several boutique ISPs along the way.

Starting in 2008 Michael began to work on IoT mesh routing, eventually chairing the IETF ROLL working group for a few years. Michael has since moved on to the problem of how to securely connect and control IoT devices too small to have user interfaces.  The first of these specifications is RFC8366, with several more in the pipeline.


Jana Iyengar

Distinguished Engineer, Fastly

Jana Iyengar is a Distinguished Engineer at Fastly, with a focus on transport and networking performance, including building and deploying QUIC and HTTP/3. He is an editor in the IETF’s QUIC working group and he chairs the IRTF’s Internet Congestion Control Research Group (ICCRG). Prior to Fastly, he worked on QUIC, BBR, and other networking projects at Google, before which he was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Franklin & Marshall College.


Mohit Tahiliani

NITK, Surathkal

Mohit is a faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, Mangalore, India. He is a Member of the Advisory Board of ns-3 Consortium, and is a co-mentor of TCP and traffic-control modules in ns-3. He works on TCP optimisations, Linux queue disciplines, Data plane optimizations and Wi-Fi rate adaptation.


Glenn McKnight

Chief Information Officer, Virtual School of Internet Governance

Glenn is currently the Information officer for the  Virtual School of Internet Governance and cofounder of the North American School of Internet Governance. He has been active in Internet Governance issues with the Southern school, African school  and the Indian schools.  He has been a Internet Society Board of Trustee and a founder of the  Internet Society of Canada.  Also he has been active since 2009 with ICANN as the Chair, Secretariat and NOMCOM member of  NARALO,  North American At Large Organization. He has been active in IEEE with the Humanitarian Technology Challenge which spun off to become the  Smart Villages and the Humanitarian Activities Committee.   He is the current chair for the Toronto section for IEEE SIGHT. He also is a editor of the Blockchains and Cyptocurrencies International Journal . He has been active in promoting digital literacy and capacity building for more than twenty years which included work with the Linux Professional Institute which brought him to  the UN to speak on digital capacity and Open Source. 


Dr. Rajat Kathuria

Director & Chief Executive, ICRIER

Rajat Kathuria is Director and Chief Executive at Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), New Delhi. He has over 20 years experience in teaching and 15 years experience in economic policy, besides research interests on a range of issues relating to regulation and competition policy. He has worked with the World Bank, Washington DC as a Consultant and carried out research assignments for a number of international organizations, including ILO, UNCTAD, LirneAsia, World Bank and ADB. He has published in international and national journals, besides in popular magazines and newspapers. He is founder member of Broadband Society for Universal Access and served on the Board of Delhi Management Association. He is on several government committees and on the research advisory council of SBI. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics from St. Stephens College, a Masters from Delhi School of Economics and a PhD degree from the University of Maryland, College Park.


Dhruv Dhody

Chief Architect Standards, Huawei & President, IIESoc

Dhruv has been working in the networking domain for the last 16 years with Huawei Technologies. Over the years he has worked on MPLS VPNs, OSPF, NTP, ALTO, CSPF, etc for Huawei's Routing Platform. He is currently working on research & standards for various emerging technologies as PCE, Segment Routing (SR), and Network Slicing. He is an active IETF contributor in the area of Path Computation and Traffic Engineering with 15 RFCs as the main editor and 12 as a contributor. He has filled 21 patents. He is also serving as the PCE WG co-chair at IETF. He is also part of the Routing Directorate and sergeant-at-arms for the IETF mailing list. He is a founding member and president of India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc) & secretary for Industry Network Technology Council (INTC).

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